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Naomi Grossman's

American whore story

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The third in the trilogy of solo shows depicting the evolution of Naomi Grossman, American Whore Story reveals her history of hustling - from the odd jobs she’s held, to her even odder love life. Naomi gives it to us straight (with a slight gay detour); taking us on a transformative trip to Burning Man, an acid trip to a 60s Rat Pack-rager, and along her own triumphant trip from Red Bull Girl/Spanish teacher to #1 on IMDb. 

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A love letter to AHS  fans,

her latest creation chronicles her outrageous adventures leading up to American Horror Story and beyond.

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The result is a fast-paced and fan-friendly anthology of autobiographical tales of self-compromise, aptly titled

American Whore Story.


Teasing the show AMERICAn WHORE STORY,

Play With Me
is a groundbreaking digital collection in which fans design and build the collectibles using Easter eggs from the show.


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